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KW - Contemporary Artist 


Polish-French visual artist graduated from several fine arts schools in France and abroad: ESBA-MoCo in France (mention, 2018), Warsaw (congratulations, 2017) and Poznan in Poland (congratulations, 2015).

PhD in Arts, specialty: Audiovisual Arts (UPV Montpellier 3). Lives and works in Montpellier. His artistic work is part of his theoretical research.

His works have been exhibited at several exhibitions in France and abroad: Poland, Ireland, Spain, Canary Islands, Netherlands ...

Wyrembelska's artistic projects question the cultural standardization, human relations and the mechanisms of power.

The artist creates immersive projects, transforming the existing space into a total work of art. Her favorite expression techniques are painting and video installation.

Through her highly expressive works, the artist opens up a reflection on the role of contemporary media and encourages people to promote authenticity. It is the consciousness and the unconsciousness of the individual who lives in society that is at the heart of his approach.

Kate Wyrembelska La Déferlante, atelier de l'artiste

Creating Great Wave, artist's art studio, F

Kate Wyrembelska, artiste peintre, sérigraphie Swimmers

Creating Swimmers, serigraphy, sil print, ESBA-MoCo, F

Kate Wyrembelska, photographie, projet Voix du silence

Creating Voices of silence, Espiguette, F


Curriculum Vitae


Awards & Grants



Grant of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland - Online Culture.



Prix Big Awards Barcelona - the 3th place


Damer House Award - video show in Dublin




The 68th edition of the Jeune Création (Young Creation) - video show in Paris and Strasbourg



Solo show

2023 - 2024 (upcoming projects)


Solo show : Domaine de Biar, Lavérune 


Solo show : La Chapelle, Sommières


Solo show : Barcelone




Solo painitng's show, Roche Bobois Paris, Montpellier – Lattes, November - December


Solo photo-collages' show, La Coquille, Montpellier, September - December


Solo painitng's show, Argence-Argence Real Estate Agency, December 2021 - February 2022, Montpellier.




Asylum, solo painting show, City Dental Clinic Poznan, Poland




Solo show, L'Espace Saint-Ravy Gallery, Montpellier​, F




Mimicry, video, photo and bamboo installation, Hotel Baudon de Mauny, with Mirousha                    Thomann, Montpellier​, F

Swimmers, silk print exhibition, Vialla&Dossa&Marillat, Notary Office, Montpellier

Solo Show, The Cage Gallery, Barcelona, ES


Phantom, video installation, Hotel Baudon de Mauny, Montpellier, FR




Uniform, performance, Gallery of Esbama, Montpellier, FR




Mask – alter ego, paintings, Kontrapunkt Contemporary Art Gallery, Poznan, PL



Café Blue, Poznan, PL



Group show



Out of touch, MECEN exhibition, Baudon de Mauny, 6 – 20.05, Montpellier



18.06.2021 L'Atelier, video show, Sète, F     

10.06.2021 Breathtaking, MECEN exhibition, Baudon de Mauny, Montpellier



Festival de arte Fuerteventura 

Festival de arte Lanzarote





Video show exhibition, Instituto Cervantes, Dublin, Ireland 

LOOP Barcelona Festival, City Screening, Barcelona, Spain ("Mechanization" and "Mimicry" videos).

Homeland 2019 "Changing your Mind", Damer House Gallery, Roscrea, Ireland 

ORCO DAY (Journée Orco) - PhD School, Site St Charles, Paul Valéry University




LOOP Barcelona Festival - a platform for video art, artists' films and moving image practices.


La Kermesse, "Wish Tree" (installation), curator: Bernard Marcadé, La Panacée - Art                        Contemporain - Montpellier, F


Video show within the confines of the 68th edition of the Jeune Création (Young Creation)                exhibition, Palais des Etudes, Cour vitrée of École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts      School), Paris, F

Video show within the confines of the 68th edition of the Jeune Création (Young Creation)                exhibition, Syndicat Potentiel in Strasbourg, F


Chambres avec vues, video show within the confines of the exhibition Crash Test, La Panacée - Art Contemporain - Montpellier, F


Miredo, Rencontre Amour, UNI T’ES, Gallery of Esbama ESBAMA (MoCo), Montpellier, F



15th Warsaw Art Fairs in Kubicki Arcades of the Royal Castle

Ghost Hunters, Esbama, Château de Castries, FR

Diploma expo, Spokojna Gallery, Warsaw, PL

WYSIN project n°4 within the confines of the exhibition Retour sur Mulholland Drive

La Panacée - Art Contemporain - Montpellier, FR



Mimicry, National Ethnographic Museum, Warsaw, PL



Bogdan Wegner & students, Pentagon Gallery, Radom, PL




Action – Auction, Kolektyw 1A Gallery, Poznan, PL


2020    Digital Performance

2019    Mimétisme, Baudon de Mainy (Mirousha Thomann)

2018    Phantom, Baudon de Mauny, Montpellier, F


2017​    Urban London Performance, London, UK

2016    Mechanization, ESBA-MoCo & Voices of silence, Montpellier, FR

2015    Mimicry, Poznan, PL



Meeting of Art and Social Action organized by Poznan Univeristy of Fine Arts, Trzciel, PL

Film Workshop organized the Faculty of Animation, Poznan University of Fine Arts, Skoki, PL


Meeting of Art and Social Action,Trzciel, PL

Painting workshop with Czech artist Lenka Vitkova, Stain Talk, Poznan University of Fine Arts


2 weeks painting workshops organized by School of Architecture and Visual Arts, Volterra, IT


2 weeks painting workshops organized by School of Architecture and Visual Arts, Canterbury, UK



2018 - currently

PhD Degree in French, Field of study : 
Cinematographic and Audiovisual Arts,

Paul Valéry University in Montpellier, FR


2016 - 2018

Master’s degree, diploma of Visual Arts, DNSEP with mention, L’École supérieure des beaux-arts de Montpellier (ESBA - MoCo), June 2018, Montpellier, FR



Master's degree diploma with mention of excellence. Field of study : Media Art, specialization : photography, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, PL



Certificat CAO - 3ds Max ECCC European Computer Competence Certificate, 3D Technology Park, Poznan, PL

2011 – 2014

Bachelor’s degree, Field of study : Painting, specialization : easel painting, University of Fine Arts, Poznan, PL


XXXV National History of Art Competition, Finalist, Warsaw, PL

High School Diploma, The Karol Marcinkowski Polish – French High School and Secondary School, Poznan, PL

Artistic approach

Kate Wyrembelska was born in Poznan, Poland in 1992. She studied easel painting at the University of Arts in her home city  (2011-2014). She received a master diploma in photography with mention of excellence from Academy of Fine Arts of Warsaw in 2017. She was awarded an Erasmus scholarship for study at the Academy of the Arts / École supérieure des beaux-arts de Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole (ESBAMA-MoCo) Montpellier, France. Awarded an Erasmus scholarship for an internship in the Creative Agency Blue Drop Studio, she moved for four months to London, United Kingdom, to work as a photographer.  Accepted as a regular student at the ESBAMA - Montpellier, she graduated in 2018 (DNSEP diploma with mention). KW lives and works in Montpellier. Currently, PhD student in Audiovisual Arts in Paul Valéry University of Montpellier.

The video work of KW named "Mimicry" was showed during the exhibition in National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw in 2015. Her other video Mecanization was selected to few video shows within the confines of the 68th edition of the Jeune Création (Young Creation) exhibition. Firstly showed in Paris in Palais des Etudes, Cour vitrée of École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts School), ; then in the Syndicat Potentiel in Strasbourg in May 2018. In Februrary - March 2019 she presented her last artworks from the series "Swimmers" (painting, photo, video & silk print) during the indyvidual exhibition in The Cage Contemporary Art Gallery in Barcelona. In 2019 she participated in the LOOP Barcelona International Video & Film Festival with her videos "Mimicry" and "Mecanization" and also in exhibition in Instituto Cervantes in Dublin. In April 2020 she shows her works (video, serigraphy, painting) during her individual exhibition "Swimmer" in the public city Gallery L'Espace Saint Ravy in Montpellier.

Her artistic projects focus on issues of cultural standardization, submission to authority, mechanisms of power. It also touches on the question of mechanization as well as its conflict with human nature. The human being, a man’s conscience and unconsciousness are at the heart of her approach.

Glitches - digital and analog errors - become for artist a method of criticism. In the world of today we are surrounded by a fake images on television, in advertising, as well as in social media. The beautiful images make us dream and feed our illusions. She invites the spectator to discover her video installations and to delve into a dream world, to dive into the illusory space where we cannot really define what is real and what is imaginary. She considers that the social networks allow to show the best side of our life to the others and to create a new virtual identity. Artist believes that sometimes, this digital mask becomes stronger than our physical face. The myth of the perfect body, whether male or female, is presented in all forms. In our civilization, more and more determined by technique, the body becomes an instrument, a real machine.

What is our space of freedom, compared to the environment around us? The individual does
not live alone, but within a society. How can we prevent individual consciousness from

reflecting the society of which the individual is a member? Our tastes, the representation we
make of ourselves and others, our perception of reality, etc. Does not all this necessarily
reflect the time, the culture to which we belong? Could we say that our conscience would then
be nothing more than a room of recording events and influences? Is our freedom all relative
and limited...?

These questions are at the heart of her research. She is best known for creating experimental
video installations. Her work is often described as surreal, uniformed, having a preoccupation
with the human body. Her last artworks could be categorized as glitch art. Her works
generally treat issues related to identity, group psychology, system and control, order and disorder,
desynchronization and deformation.


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