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SWIMMERS - solo show at ​L'Espace St ravy, Montpellier, F, 2020

I am pleased to invite you to the opening of my solo exhibition "Swimmers" at L'Espace Saint-Ravy in Montpellier on Friday, October 23, 2020 at 18.30 pm.


Swimmers is of course an aquatic universe, but not only.

Wyrembelska makes her dreams realities, in every way.

Émilie Bec, article for the Midi Libre from February 23, 2019.

The artist was inspired by synchronized swimming seen in 50's Hollywood movies with a famous swimmer, Esther Williams. In these movies everything was so beautiful and perfect. According to Wyrembelska, in today's world, an individual is surrounded by idealized, retouched images found in the media, advertising and social media. These pictures make us dream. Men are fed by illusions. We can not define what is real and what is imaginary. Social media make it possible to show ourself in a better way, create a virtual identity, sometimes far from who we really are. They offer an outstanding forum to stand for. The perfect body myth, feminine or masculine, is presented in all forms. KW Kate wanted to do a criticism of the advertising university, but also of social media where we can create a character, a perfect image far from reality.

#kwkate #swimmerskwkate

You can find more info on the event link below:


Online culture - Award

"ONLINE ART", cinematographic portraits of artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. The first video: August 1 at 6 p.m.
8/1/2020 - 10/31/2020 (3 months)
A series of online courses (in French and Polish) on art history designed by the artist and doctoral student in Audiovisual Arts (UPV - Montpellier), Kate Wyrembelska. In order to better explain the history of contemporary art from the 19th to the 20th century, the life and works of 14 artists will be presented. Their most important works will be discussed, as well as their contribution to the development of art.

Realized thanks to the Award of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland -
- Online Culture.

Every Saturday at 6 p.m. Watch for free online:
YouTube / Facebook /

You can find more info on the event link below:

Lacuna Festivals

Festival de Arte Lanzarote & Fuerteventura
26th June - 31st July 2020
"We believe that now, more than ever, the world needs creativity and so the 2020 festivals will take place - digitally! We have renamed the festivals 'The Lost Festivals' to reflect the current situation."

You can find more info on the event link below:
The Lost Festivals
LACUNA FESTIVALS - Lost Festivals banner

Digital Performance #03 HUMAN MACHINE


I invite you to join an online performance

"Digital Performance #03 HUMAN MACHINE", Saturday 16 May, 2020 at 11:30 AM, in Zoom app.

You can find more info on the event link below:

Digital Performance #03 Human Machine - Facebook Event




Solo show, l'Espace Saint-Ravy, Montpellier, F.

Coronavirus info: the exhibition will take place in October-November 23.10-15.11.2020. Opening: October 23, 2020. 

AFFICHE 30X40.jpg
LOOP Festival Barcelona, 19 - 21 Nov. 2019, FAIR - 21 Nov. 2019

I have a pleasure to invite you to the City Screen during the LOOP Festival in Barcelona.

Curator: Safia Art Contemporani & Damer House Gallery.

EXHIBITIONS: On Changing your Mind. Homeland 2019

ARTISTS: Sarah Edmondson, KW Kate, Linda Lenssen, Bernie Masterson, Robert Monaghan, Laura Skehan, Fifi Smith.

Official website: LOOP Festival City Screen

CAGE Gallery official website

Capture d’écran 2019-10-24 à
Homeland 2019 Changing your Mind, Instituto Cervantes, Dublin, 22-29.11.2019

Exhibition Homeland 2019 Changing your Mind by National and International Video Artists from Ireland and Barcelona, in collaboration with Loop Festival Barcelona. 


Opening: on 21.11.2019 at 18:30. Visiting hours: Mon-Thu 10:00-19:00, Fri-Sat 10:00-14:00​

Official website: Exhibition Cervantes Dublin

Homeland 2019 Changing your Mind, Damer House Gallery, Roscrea, Ireland 17.08.2019 


Exhibition Homeland 2019 « Changing your Mind » by National and International Video Artists from Ireland and Barcelona, in collaboration with Loop Festival Barcelona.


Opening on Saturday 17, August 2019, from 3.30 to 7.30 pm in Damer House Gallery, Roscrea, Ireland.

Mimicry in Baudon, photo and video exhibition, bamboo installation created by KW Kate and a performance by Mirousha Thomann
Mimicry Private Event, Baudon de Mauny Hotel, Montpellier, France



KW Kate Wyrembelska
Artworks : installation, video, photos

Mirousha Thomann
Performance - dance
Insta: @mirousha

ORCO DAY, PhD School, Site St Charles, Paul Valéry University
I have a pleasure to participate in a debate between the artists and experts in visual communication. The debate starts at 10h15, Site St Charles, Ecole Doctorale, Montpellier. 

More info and inscriptions below :

Swimmers, solo show, Barcelona

Swimmers, solo show,  CAGE Contemporary Art Gallery, Barcelona, 15.02 - 15.03.2019

Last works shown in the individual exhibition: silk print, painting, photography, video installation

Swimmers, solo show, Barcelona

Invitation: Swimmers, solo show,  

CAGE Contemporary Art Gallery, Barcelona, 15.02 - 15.03.2019

Article in the French journal Midi Libre, 15th of February 2019, author: Emilie Bec


BIG AWARDS Barcelona, Winners Exhibition 


Pleasure to announce you that my video work Swimmers was selected for the film shows within the confines of the exhibition BIG AWARDS Winners in the Cage Gallery and has won 5th place from 30 finalists and 700 applications !
It means that I would have an individual exhibition in the CAGE soon.


IMG_0279 2.JPG
Jeune Création (Young Creation video shows: "Mechanization" & "Mimicry" videos)
Jeune Création exhibition, Palais des Etudes, Cour vitrée of École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts School), Paris
13 - 20.05.2018


Jeune Création / Young Creation video show, Syndicat Potentiel in Strasbourg
24 - 26.05.2018
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