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title. Psycho Waves project | La Déferlante (Great Wave)

date. 2020 - 2021

place. -

type. painting, installation

1 painting - installation 10 x 3 m 

1 painting 55 x 56 cm (blue)

1 acrylic painting 120 x 100 cm (black and white)

1 painting 50 x 50 cm (colour)


Psycho Waves Imaginary Project : Visualizations of these paitings on buildings - ideas for projects to achieve one day.

Psycho Waves is an immersive project which captures us in these waters by opening up a reflection on the role of the media and the place of the individual in today's world. In a world where we are limited by very strict rules, or our freedom is tested, art is one space where there are no borders. 

Keywords: pandemic, covid-19, painting, installation, immersion.

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